The Holy Grail: Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner

11 Jun

As my previous post might suggest, eyeliner has been a problem for me as of late. It slips and slides around my face and I end up looking like I dressed up as the Morse code for Halloween. I’ve tried a lot of drugstore brands and department store brands and had more or less given up and just started wearing whatever I could dig up first (the optimistically named Line ‘n’ Seal by Styli-Style being my latest mediocre go-to).

BUT, my compulsive shopping and aimless wandering has paid off! I wandered by the Chanel counter at my local Lord and Taylor (Chevy Chase) the other day and randomly asked Heather, the makeup specialist on duty at the time, to do my eyemakeup to replicate this look. Not the easiest task, when you think about it, because I am brown and my eyes are a pretty intense dark brown. BUT, she pulled it off! I left the store with some new eyeshadow (the Blue Tendre) duo, a new bottle of Aqua Lumiere foundation, and a concealer (reviews on those products coming up!). I felt like a movie star, even if my boyfriend thought I looked like a Mexican soap opera star (a real backhanded compliment if you’ve ever watched a Mexican soap opera). But whatever, I’ve learned a lesson or two from the Man Repeller. Sometimes? You gotta wear the shit that makes YOU happy. Amirite?  No, but really, the look above is not the least bit garish, it looked VERY expensive and demure. I think my boyfriend is unaccustomed to seeing me so made up (I’m of the school of thought that makeup should be essentially invisible). This particular look was perfect for an evening out ( a wedding, a cocktail party).

Bringing it back full circle to Chanel Eyeliners… Heather lined my eyes with a regular Chanel pencil in navy blue and it held up verrrry nicely for the rest of the day. However, given my history with eyeliners, I got a bit greedy and took home the WATERPROOF eyeliner instead. (I was all, “I never want to line my eyes AGAIN!”, etc).

I got my wish. I got the liner, like, three days ago and I had to practically scrub it off with my Almay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover pads. I mean, am I going to have to buy Chanel Makeup remover (which is SO good, btw, but so expensive) JUST to remove this eyeliner? … I’ll think about it.

Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner, $28


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