Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish

20 Aug



I love reading the beauty sections in magazines about all the products that people use on a daily basis. One of my favorite websites for this (trolling someone’s makeup and skin routine and wanting to buy everything she uses is Into the Gloss). The ladies featured on there are super glamorous, um HELLO Alessandra Codinha, possibly the hottest woman in the world. They always have these international products that they’ve discovered and kept using because they work so well. 

My foreign obsession is the Sanctuary Microbrasion Polish. Its from Boots, so not crazy expensive or chichi or anything. Just a good old-fashioned warming scrub that leaves your mug gleaming like the day it was born. Ok, maybe the day after, because aren’t babies born covered in goo? I tried this stuff on whim in London last year and have not shut up about it since the day I cracked it open. It’s gentle, moisturizing, creamy, and satisfying to use.

You smooth this creamy exfoliator on your face (don’t worry, it doesn’t feel rough, it’s not trying to have discourteously have its way with your pores).  You’ll feel it warming up on your skin and opening up your pores. HEAVEN. You only need to leave in on for a few minutes (though, in my perennial quest to outsmart cosmeticians, I always leave it on for longer). Then you rinse off with warm water (if you’re like me, you’ll need a face towel to get it out of your eyebrows). Voila, a beautiful, clean, and moisturized visage.




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