Holy Grail Cream Blush

31 Mar

I first read about these on the brilliant Makeup and Beauty Blog, where Karen gave these tiny little tubes an A+. She is one of the most prolific and thorough reviewers out there, so when she gives something an A+, I buy it.

I’m currently using “Dragonfruit,” which is a bright pink (see far right in the picture) out of the tube, but looks like a fresh, natural flush on my cheeks. A few weeks later and no regrets here! These tubes are tiny (picture a tube of eyelash adhesive), but they are not kidding when they say a little goes a long way. The color is riiiich. You can give your cheeks and lips a natural, lasting wash of color with just a tiny bit of this stuff. When used sparingly, the color is sheer enough to be the most natural-looking blush I’ve ever used. And it lasts all day. You can build the color if you like your blush a little bit stronger, or follow up with a quick dash of powder blush (which will also help it set for the day).

This stuff is amazing, you guys. I’m so hooked on the pretty glow it gives me that I’ve started carrying it around like an amulet. Should I string it around a cord and wear it like Sarah Michelle Geller’s character in Cruel Intentions? Hers was a secret hiding place for cocaine, but mine will be (fittingly) a cheek stain.

Source: Fark.com

Source: Fark.com

Oh, and bonus? The Dragonfruit smells like fresh grapefruit (or fresh dragon fruit? I don’t actually know what dragon fruit smells like). Needless to say, I’m hooked on these little guys – waiting for the Raspberry shade to arrive in the mail! I really hope it smells like actual raspberries.


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