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My Personal Greek Tragedy

31 May

is that I absolutely cannot wear eyeliner without looking like a prostitute that just fell into the Hudson River. Let’s just say that the product migrates all over my face and gives me serious raccoon eyes. For a while now, my mainstay has been L’Oreal Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner (look for a review on that later!). This is a decent eyeliner, relatively easy to apply for a liquid liner (you basically have to be a Japanese calligraphist to use those crazy tiny brush ones that look like nail polish- this is more a of a marker). I tend to do a cat eye and my main complaint with this liner is that the artful little flick past my lash line usually either fades or descends under the corner of my eyes for a truly unbecoming sooty eye. So, like any self-respecting beauty junkie, I’ve kept looking. Enter Bobby Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink.

 I’ve always coveted the soft gel/eyeshadow-lined look. I think it’s much less harsh and (needs to be a lot less exact) than what you get when you work with a liquid eyeliner. I was really excited to try this! And at $21 a pop, plus $25 for the matching eye brush, I had to put my money where my mouth was. This product is known as the best gel liner money can buy…. and it ended up all under my eyes by the end of the night.

The application process started out well. I dipped my newbrush into the eyeliner and it went on like a dream: creating a smooth, relatively clean line across my eyelid. I topped it off with mascara and completely forgot about it until a few hours later, when I looked in the mirror and saw this:

Okay, MAYBE sans the tears, but it’s hard to know. I might have watched a sad commercial.

Anyway, my point is that this eyeliner did NOT blow my socks off, and I find myself reaching for my regular pencils and trusty L’Oreal liner.

Lesson learned: try it before ya buy it. Have the makeup counter give you a sample or put the product on for you before you splurge your hard-earned cash on some product. I certainly am not one to be giving advice to compulsive beauty shoppers, but do yourself a solid and let people like me do the legwork and then try the product you like instore. Most places are pretty cool about applying the product on your face and/or letting you take home a sample. If they apply  it for you, you can go about your day and keep an eye on it to see how it holds up. It definitely won’t give you the same rush as flouncing out of Sephora with a shiny new bag, but it’s a recession and we need our money for the shit that works.

And that’s why I now ask you, my friends. Do you have a really great eyeliner (it can be pencil, gel, liquid, or even shadow) that really works for you? Please share the love in the comments below.