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Down to Business

27 May

What better way to start a beauty review blog than with a beauty review?

I discovered Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit a few months ago and I am already on my second bottle! The product is the golden update to the cult favorite That Gal , which has a pinkish hue and is more flattering for porcelain-skinned ladies. I’ve got yellow (or if you want to be nice about it: “olive”) undertones and this golden version was definitely the way to go for me!

The ladies at Sephora recommend that you blend this product in with your foundation or just use a dab to highlight your cheekbones. I personally have a tremendous fear of looking like I caked on my makeup à la Kim Kardashian (not hating, just saying- she NEVER looks natural). When I spend hours and hundreds of dollars on makeup, my goal is actually to look like I come from a genetic super-species that has no pores, and boasts amazing cheekbones, pillowy lips, enormous eyes, and floor grazing eyelashes. It may sound like an impossible task, but I’m willing to die trying.

Anyway, so when the Sephora makeup artist suggested that I mix Girl Meets Pearl in with my foundation, I was aghast. I had visions of myself as

Don’t get me wrong, I like sparkle (and the Cullens) as much as anybody, but I really didn’t want to be a human disco ball at work or, God forbid, be walking around in broad daylight and have an unwitting friend point out that my skin is all shimmery. So what I’ve done consistently is mix this product with my moisturizer. This gives my skin a little oomph and glow, without causing any car accidents or blinding light-refractions. I then follow up with my usual foundation (either Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or Laura Mercier mineral powder) and all is right in the world. My skin is glowing, just a lil dewy, and soft!

Though the product is definitely a Holy Grail highlighter for me, it has some drawbacks. First, the price. I think $30 is a bit hefty for a supplementary product in my beauty regimen (I prefer to spend more money on the core basics like foundation, concealer, etc). Second, if you leave the bottle uncovered for more than a few hours, buildup clogs the twist-up dispenser and it becomes impossible to tell whether you really have used all the product or whether there is a little more left. When this happened the first time, I used a bobby pin to poke any build-up out of the holes and released a bit more product. This didn’t work the second time. It should tell you something that I went about 2 days without this highlighter before losing my shit and scampering to my local Sephora and buying a new one (which I have kept firmly sealed, thankyouverymuch).